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General Introduction

There are two (2) types of membership, namely individual membership (個人會籍) and corporate membership (企業會籍).

Any individual member (個人會員), regardless of the class of membership, could enjoy the privilege of participating in all activities and events organized by the Institute, either free of charge or at special member rates. There will be plenty of opportunities for an individual member to demonstrate his/her commitment to the professionalism in urban construction through volunteering service in the directorship and different management committees of the Institute. An individual member, depending on the class of membership, is also entitled to have voting rights at General Meetings of the Institute that often determine the future development of the Institute and make major decisions on its operations.

There are many advantages for being a corporate member (企業會員). Corporate Membership enables a corporate member to gain exposure to leaders in the urban construction sector, access to different design and technological resources, and participation in a variety of professional education and accreditation programs, as well as networking activities.

Membership Requirements

A. Individual membership

    There are three (3) classes of individual membership: Follower Member (粉絲會員), Knight Member (騎士會員), and Royal Member (皇家會員). Only Knight Members and Royal Members have voting rights in the Club's General Meetings and Directors Meetings. 

    Entry Requirements for Follower Member

    Anyone will be qualified to be a Follower Member, upon recommendation by a Knight or Royal Member.

    Entry Requirements for Knight Member

    An applicant for Knight Member shall be recommended by at least two (2) Royal or Knight Members and satisfy the assessment panel that one (1) of the following three (3) sets of minimum

    Educational Achievements

    Professional Experience



    2 years in a responsible position


    A sub-degree / diploma / certificate (issued by a tertiary institution) in a relevant subject

    4 years in a responsible position


    Other educational achievements not relevant to any expertise subject

    7 years in a responsible position

    Entry Requirements for Royal Member

    The applicant shall be recommended by at least two (2) Royal Members and satisfy the assessment panel that at least one (1) of the following three (3) criteria are met

        1. Having drinking of wine for 10 years as a professional and experienced wine lover or holding of sommelier license for at least 4 years; or
        2. Having contributed significantly to the wine club; or
        3. Having contributed significantly to the society at large through achievements in enterprise activities or public service related to the subject of wine businesses.

    The Board of Directors has the discretion of determining any application fee, admission fee, membership fee and annual subscription fee for any class of memberships, and deciding on any reduction or complete waiver of any fee for any member as the Board thinks appropriate.

    For the purpose of recruitment of members for the initial year after the incorporation of the Institute, the following fees apply, subject to any subsequent changes to be determined by the Board of Directors:

    Type of Individual Membership

    Application Fee

    Annual Membership Fee


    Follower Member




    Knight Member

    HK$ 100.-

    HK$ 500,000.-


    Royal Member

    HK$ 100.-

    HK$ 100,000.-

    B. Corporate membership

    Entry Requirements for Brilliant Sponsor Member

    Annual Subscription of HK$ 300,000.-

    Entry Requirements for Excellent Sponsor Member

    Annual Subscription of HK$ 200,000.-

    Entry Requirements for Superior Sponsor Member

    Annual Subscription of HK$ 100,000.-

    Life is too short to enjoy good wine!


    The purpose of Tommy's secret wine club website is to support our members by adding information and navigation options.
    Address: Unit 1202B, 12/F., Wang Yip Ind. Bldg., 1 Elm Street, Tai Kok Tsui, Hong Kong

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    Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.


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